What happens when a really cool designer ( who invented an awesome card ( pairs with a sacred text artist ( ENERGY CARDS!!! Introducing our newest product designed to spread LOVE, PEACE, BLISS, PROSPERITY and give ENERGY!

Use it as a greeting card, an altar piece, a wall hanging, a meditation tool or give as a special gift to someone you think is awesome.


Imagery created from the experience of the sound current. It is designed to give energy, change your mind for the better and upgrade your living spaces.

These are original works on paper and are also available as prints. Coming soon to the shop. Want to commission some ENERGY Art?! Awesome! Contact us:

Sound and Imagery Merger

Check out this video we created of the Ek Ong Kar Mandala (above) inspired by White Sun's Mul Mantra using the symbol Ek Ong Kar paired with the sound of Ek Ong Kar. Get ready to be transported and shifted to a better location...