The Heart has the POWER of 108 Suns!

"You have to know by your HEART where you want to go. The Heart Center effects 108 trillion times more effectively then the head. The Head is a computer. The Heart has the power of 108 suns. S-U-N. The Heart Center is the strongest of all centers. Whenever you pray with the Head, it will take a long time – you have to go through the intellect, thought, circumstances, environment, space and time. Whenever you sing or pray from Heart, it will be timeless, spaceless, and absolutely effective. It works. Your Heart Center can totally engaulf a person absolutely." ~ Yogi Bhajan

The sun is something our planet relies upon in many ways to sustain life. That energetic frequency is also vibrating in the center of our chest called the Heart Chakra. And it’s not just one sun it’s 108 of them. Think of the power we have as humans!

The Heart Chakra is a power point for the human being. It sits right in the center of all the other chakras. Below the Heart chakra are the three lower chakras, our earthly connection. Above the Heart chakra are the three upper chakras, our heavenly connection or ether connection. Each grouping like a triangle~ the lower chakras pointed up to the heart and the upper chakras pointed down to the heart directing potent energy allowing for a valuble human experience.

This Heart Chakra is our place of projection. The place of infinity, love and humility ~ a neutral point. This is where we can consume and transform anything into something that serves for the better. And it’s fueled by the power of 108 suns. That is our power and it’s something we already have. How freakin cool is that?! It’s right at the center of our aura wanting to be discovered and harnessed by you!

Such a powerful thought. Everything starts with a thought and it only takes one thought. One thought for peace. One thought for unity. One thought for generosity, One thought for prosperity. One thought projected through the heart unto infinity. Make it a good one and join us!



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