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This post was originally published on the 108 Suns WordPress blog spot and has been slightly modified. I am happy to share it with you here. It’s rare to have the opportunity to receive teachings from teachers of mastery. The level one teacher training with Harijiwan and Tej is positively transformational. Here is my experience.


The technology of Kundalini yoga gave me a path to express myself toward infinity. It’s as if my life did not start until I took this training. There have been many things I have been stuck in such as a way of thinking or a way of experiencing. Some of them self-generated and some of them inherited.

The space these teachers hold, the precision with which they deliver the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, this technology opens to its fullest and delivers more than thought possible—destroying perceived limitations and opening the portal to the unimagined life—the life of your highest destiny.

These teachers have a desire to grow having a bigger and better experience every time they teach. This is what makes each training, workshop and class unique. This is also why there are many of us coming back each year for this training. Because when the teachers go deeper, we go deeper. Harijiwan and Tej are a pure uncut flow of the master.

The people helping in the training are kind and extraordinarily supportive with every step so that you can be your best self with the goal to be your highest self.

This is a space you can succeed in. There is room for all. The generosity of spirit is something not found in many places. I am telling you it is in this training with Harijiwan and Tej.

Note On Kundalini Yoga and Teacher Training: So you think you can’t do yoga? Or maybe you don’t want to be a teacher? Well, let me share two things:

1.) In my first kundalini yoga class I realized I did not have to be a posture master to have an experience. In most cases I could not even think of the posture let alone get my body into it. And, although I could breath I had no mastery over it, barely getting through 30 seconds of breath of fire. But, I felt better from just those thirty seconds of conscious breath and pointing myself in the direction of the posture. Just hearing the mantras lifted me up. I could not speak the mantras perfectly but I still had an experience that made me feel better.

There were people in the same class doing the postures perfectly, people half way doing it and some people just lying down. Yet ALL of us had an experience that gave us more energy. That’s Kundalini Yoga—the practice that meets you where you are.

2.) I never intended to be a teacher of kundalini yoga. My only desire was to feel better and that I did. This is not just a place to gain knowledge and definitely not just a place to receive teaching credentials.An experience of the teachings is given each weekend and each workshop. This is where the jewels of the teachings are.

When there is knowledge and when there is an experience of the knowledge it creates wisdom. Kundalini yoga is an experiential practice. These are wisdom teachings.

Final Thoughts: There is no experience necessary just a desire to be better. I pray that if you have a desire and a calling that you come to the training. Even if you just want to try it for one night or a weekend, please do. The evening workshops are elevating. The whole experience how ever you decide to proceed will up your game. You will be brighter and positively magnetic and have a pulsation that will change ALL around you for the better.

Make a difference in the world by making a difference in yourself. Your soul has been served. Sat Nam.

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