Trust Your Faith

A little bit ago I was having some type of activity in my house—things were randomly falling off shelves and walls. At first, I brushed it off because weird shit happens sometimes, that is until a small item fell hitting a lamp breaking the glass of the lamp which fell spectacularly on my head. I was totally fine but that was a little dramatic. Honestly, it felt like something was trying to get my attention, especially because something similar happened a second time. Maybe it was me trapped in the future in some kind of wormhole linked to my home as in the movie Interstellar. That would actually be kind of cool. Well, maybe not to my future self.

Back in Illinois, in my youth, sometimes this kind of thing would happen. Perhaps it was my siblings playing jokes on me, as siblings do build character, but sometimes I would be alone in the house and It used to scare the crap out of my 11 yr old self. 😱  Now, I find it entertaining and interesting…even if I get hit on the head.😆 But seriously, 🙏🏻 thank you, Jesus, for my turban.👳🏻‍♀️

In a teacher training, my teacher was asked why we cover our heads in Kundalini Yoga and one of the reasons he said is that it is for protection. He said if you were going into a construction site you would wear a hard hat as it was a part of the territory so if you are coming into a Kundalini yoga class it is recommended to wear a turban or some kind of head covering as well. I assumed he was speaking in much more subtle terms. After this experience, I am starting to think maybe he wasn’t?…🤔😳 I did become concerned about this event and slightly paranoid around my home. Maybe it’s time for a roommate?

One day I was enjoying a snack sitting in a chair tucked neatly under a darling built-in corner shelf. It has a few small crystals, pictures of holy folk including Guru Ram Das, and a GIANT salt lamp. I flashed back to the glass lamp shade (heads up!) and quickly looked up to make sure the salt lamp was secure and found Guru Ram Das looking down directly on top of my head (✨LordOfMiracles✨). Everything was fine and no other activity has happened since.

It was a seemingly banal moment—a simple card had fallen over–nothing flashy and easily overlooked. And, it was also significant—seeing with artistic eyes, the angles, and white space; feeling the warmth of devotion in me illuminating the connection to my lineage, reminding me in times of questioning to lean in a little more toward forces I rely on, remembering all the ways they have dramatically shifted my mind helping me #feelbetter📿✨😊💛🌞💛😊✨📿

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